�Agrenta� is one of the biggest Lithuanian capital transporting freight on international routes company that was established in 1994. High quality standards, skilled team, flexible solution and attention to the customers needs, ensures perfect customer service and strong partnership with major companies in Europe, Nordic and Baltic companies.

�Agrenta� is able to offer such logistics services as full, partial and oversize load carry on local and international routes.� Cargo transportation is the main activity of the company, however it is also engaged in supplementary activities, such as trade of agriculture and construction machinery, supply of agro-service facilities, digging ponds, etc.

�Agrenta� financial rates have been constantly growing from the very beginning of the company activity. Growing reliability and stabile position in the market, own vehicle disposal and growing team allow �Agrenta� to be an international logistics business participant.

Successful company activity have been achieved thanks to exclusively respectful attitude to the customers needs, investment to new fleet of vehicles and to modern shipment and safety managing technologies.

Main � Agrenta� aim – flexible international road transportation solutions, which allow to satisfy customer needs and expectation.

Why � Agrenta�

  • own 90 vehicles fleet meeting� Euro 4, Euro 5� and Euro 6� emission standards with modern GPS and GSM equipment;
  • wide logistics services choice and optimum financial solutions;
  • more than 100 highly skilled specialist;
  • ability to adjust to a customer’s requirements .

Main � Agrenta� activity – full, partial and oversize cargo delivery� between Baltic, Nordic� countries and Europe.

  • full shipments cargo transportation;
  • partial shipments cargo transportation;
  • oversize cargo transportation;
  • customs brokerage services.

Additional activity:

  • agro-service facilities;
  • construction machinery rent;
  • agriculture machinery rent;
  • digging ponds.